Cornelian 3
Gender Female
Age n/a
Birthday August 11
Cutie Mark A hammer and metal stake
Mane/Tail Colour Light beige
Coat Colour Rusty red
Eye Colour Tangy red
Creation Date August 11, 2013


A bat pony OC whose design pays homage to Dracula and the typical vampire portrayal. She was created on August 11th, 2013 by Victor Whiterock.

Carnelian has lived her whole life in Hollow Shades. Recently, due to a situation that hasn't been explained yet, she decided to leave home. She was unprepared for the prejudice against bat ponies that she would encounter in the outside world and shortly found herself struggling to get by.

After meeting and befriending Anonymous the Vampire Hunter (who mistook her for a real vampire at first), she has settled into something of a normal life in Ponyville.

She is a metal-smith by trade, creating jewelry and other artistic object. Her cutie mark is a jeweler's hammer and a metal punch. Having chosen the life of an artisan, she is fairly self motivated and is used to setting her own schedule.

For the most part, she is just a regular pony. However, her need to drink blood (it supplements the protein in her diet which also includes fruits and soft vegetables) and her association with Anon often lead her into difficult or odd situations.

So far, she has held up remarkably well under stresses that would have sent other ponies into a blithering panic.

She is currently working for Anon as an assistant carpenter.



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