Dizzy Cream
Dizzy Cream
Gender Female
Age Filly
Cutie Mark broken hour glass
Mane/Tail Colour Blond
Coat Colour
Eye Colour brown
Creation Date Dec-2013


Dizzy Cream Is is a smart and quite filly. she usually have brilliant ideas that always get her into trouble. and ends with her getting spanked. she likes crafting stuff. and always attends any event where she can put up a booth. But somehow all her inventions and ideas ends up failing due her clumsy nature.

Creation historyEdit

This pony was created by the user woox in flockmod program. He used it as a practice dummy when he first started. over time he changed it from a grown mare into a filly, he even drew her as a human. one time he did draw her as a wingless bat filly. in 2016 he posted another drawing in /bat/ thread of her sitting in a room looking at the viewer asking "where are my wings ?" from that point he drew her as a wingless bat filly.

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  • Giant thread
  • Spanking thread



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