Doodle Noodle
Gender Female
Age 19
Birthday January 03
Cutie Mark Pencil and Puzzle Piece
Mane/Tail Colour Torquoise
Coat Colour Light Brown
Eye Colour Yellow/Orange
Creation Date January 03, 2015


She was created on January 3rd, 2015 by Steam Anon/Dysro.

“The greatest detective in Equestrian history!”

Uprooted from the streets of Manehattan, Doodle strives to become one the greatest detectives the world has ever seen. Fueled by pure confidence, and one too many comic books, she sets her goals high and goes all-out to overcome any obstacle that may get in her way.

With almost six years of service as a junior detective, Doodle is finally ready to join the ranks of the elite. (At least, that is what she thinks.)

Although fully adept, her heighten curiosity and overly optimistic nature has placed the young mare in very dangerous situations before. Some ponies may consider her alternate take on criminal justice to be life threatening. Sometimes preferring to reason or even make friends with Manehattan’s most coldhearted wrongdoers.

Doodle’s hobbies typically include reading graphic novels, annoying the local law enforcement for leads and roaming the forever crooked and twisted streets of Manehattan until something catches her attention.

~To be continued?



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