"What's a Tac-e-on?"
Gender Female
Age 21
Birthday August 16
Cutie Mark Orange and yellow star
Mane/Tail Colour Dusk Orange
Coat Colour Ash Gray
Eye Colour Orange
Friends/Relatives: N/A
Creation Date August 16, 2014


Flare is a bat pony created for the bat pony general on August 16, 2014 by Quill.

She is typically portrayed as a little childish at times, with rare moments of maturity concerning the issues of those around her. Despite her seemingly laid back and oblivious nature, she generally keeps to herself. Flare tends to develop intense attachments to those who are close to her, and her desire to care for those few is like-wise intense. She is very empathetic towards those around her, and will typically shift her behaviour to better suit the mood. To summarize, she is what could be called a social chameleon.

Flare, much like other bat ponies, has a fixation with food. She specifically enjoys apples, towards which she holds an almost obsessive awe. Concerning her diet, she is capable of blood drinking and fruit eating, making her semi omnivorous. However, she will avoid blood if she can help it, only drawing when absolutely necessary on the grounds that the other ponies tend to frown on blood drinkers.

Her sleeping patterns are erratic at best due to her diurnal upbringing clashing with her nocturnal duties as a night guard, therefore, she will not typically sleep at a set time of day.

In the threads, Flare is sometimes associated with all things related to fire, the origin of which can be traced back to her first piece of artwork (Done by Vito), which was photo shopped onto a Starcraft 2 Firebat by one Anon within minutes of being posted.



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