"Check your privilege."
Gender Female
Age n/a
Birthday July 05
Cutie Mark Green white-belled flower
Mane/Tail Colour Blonde, light blonde stripes
Coat Colour White
Eye Colour Light blue
Friends/Relatives: Cloud Skipper
Creation Date July 05, 2013


Like Midnight Blossom, Night Watch, Jasmine, and Gloom Wing, Florence is another bat pony OC who was created before the /mlp/ bat threads. She was created by Equestria-Prevails on July 5th, 2013. She has been heavily hinted by her creator to be the younger sister of Cloud Skipper.

Unlike most bat ponies, she has a white coat, blonde hair and blue eyes, which further suggests who her parents are. Some Anons jokingly portray her as a SJW, or is often the butt-end of 'privileged' jabs from other bat ponies.



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