HeartBeat foal
"Why you hatin'?"
Gender Female
Age 8
Birthday August 28
Cutie Mark None yet
Mane/Tail Colour Blush Pink & Lavender Rose
Coat Colour Pale Sky
Eye Colour Granny Smith Apple
Friends/Relatives: Sirocca (Best Bat Filly Friends Forever) Heartburn
Creation Date August 28, 2013


HeartBeat's design/concept was created by BatDesu on the /mlp/ bat threads on August 28th, 2013.  One of a few foals amongst the thread, her cutsey portrayal has gained her some adoration from Anons. 

Her personality is naturally kind, quirky at points with the curiosity only a foal can know. Despite this, she is shown rather quiet at times, and is easily shaken, adopting a slight stutter when her fears get the best of her. However, she is very loving of those she is close to, at times to the point of depression without their presence. This includes her Best Bat Filly Friend Forever Sirocca whom she spends a lot of time with. She is drawn to others, as her caring nature draws others to her one of these being the homeless foal Heartburn.

HeartBeat is a blood drinker, her diet also consisting of the various types of fruit passed within the Hollow Shades. Due to a premature birth her fangs are developing at differing rates, making her unable to pierce flesh with her bite. She has a high sensitivity to light, small doses of sunlight temporarily blinding her. Due to this fear of light, she seldom ventures out of Hollow Shades save short visits to the train station to see her BBFFF off when travelling home to Ponyville. 



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