Feel the burn
"I-I-I don't know."
Gender Colt
Age Foal
Birthday October 13
Cutie Mark None yet
Mane/Tail Colour French Grey
Coat Colour Charcoal Grey
Eye Colour Red-magenta
Friends/Relatives: Heartbeat


Creation Date October 13, 2013


Heartburn's design and idea of creation was created by Anon2343434 on October 13, 2013. Because of his coloration, he is usually described to be "edgy".

Most of Heartburn's personality is kindness, as he is willing to go out of his way to help anypony that is in need of it. Despite his personality, however, Heartburn is usually reclusive & shy, keeping his distance from older ponies in fear of them severely beating him.

As a natural survivalist and thief, Heartburn is able to make use of anything and steal the most precious of items from another pony. He usually uses his skills to survive in the town of Hollow Shades by stealing food away from the stores, or going to the outskirts of Hollow Shades and into its dump site to scavenge for something to eat or some accidentally discarded bits.

Heartburn is a natural born blood drinker, but is disgusted by the act and prefers to eat fruits.

He usually encounters Heartbeat and Sirocca by accident when he is out surviving. Out of the two fillies, Heartburn has an immense crush on Heartbeat who usually doesn't return the feelings he expresses, and he has immense fear of Sirocca.



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