The Hollow ShadesEdit


The Hollow Shades is located East of Canterlot.

The Hollow Shades is a town that is presumably canon in Equestria.

For the Bat Threads, it is a town that is inside of a forest with a canopy thick enough to block out sunlight for most of the day. The bat ponies built their structures in and around the trees and live in the relative shadiness of the forest. Where the trees meet the sun, many exotic fruits grow, such as mangoes or lychee. This helps support the idea that the bat ponies are fruit eaters.


Suggested representation of the Hollow Shades.

Headcanons vary as to how the bat ponies got here, but in the early bat threads, some agreed that the bat ponies used to live in the Everfree Forest before its corruption. After getting tired with dealing with the dangers, they migrated to the Hollow Shades. Alternatively, some bat ponies may have migrated to the Equestrian Badlands to live inside of caves.

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