These are NOT my own creations (aka OC's). I used Florence, Night Watch, Lullaby, and Midnight Blossom.Edit

I Need A LullabyEdit

Midnight Blossom flew silently through the night air, with Night Watch and Florence flapping next to her. As she scanned their town from above the trees, she noticed another figure ahead of her hovering above the thick canopy of trees.

She squeaked, sending out an echo-location flare and the signal that bounced back notified her that the pony ahead of her was a bat pony. As she neared, she realized that it was Lullaby, and Midnight (Blossom) was shocked to see Lullaby doing anything other than sleeping.

"Lullaby? What are you doing?" Midnight called out.

Lullaby seemed to turn her head, and suddenly fell from the sky, her eyes and wings closing peacefully.

"Lullaby?! Florence, Night Watch! Come on!" Midnight screeched, knowing that Lullaby had fallen asleep mid-flight.

They shot down towards the forest and braced themselves for the impact of the thick canopy covering Hollow Shades, their town.

Midnight swooped down, her eyes searching for Lullaby, and she found her, lying precariously on a semi-thick branch.

Just in time, Midnight and Night Watch saved Lullaby, before she fell and broke her wings.

"Wh-wha? What happened?" Lullaby sleepily asked, shaking her head. "Is it time to eat?"

Midnight shook her head, sighing in annoyance.

"No, Lullaby! It's time for you to learn when to sleep and when not to!" Night Watch snapped.

"Oh..." Lullaby sheepishly smiled, and spread her wings, ready to fly. "Well, I don't need to sleep anymore. I'm wide awake!"

Florence sighed angrily and took off, speeding towards where her home was in Hollow Shades. Night Watch followed soon after, and Midnight was left alone with Lullaby.

"Just...try to stay awake when it's important, okay?"