Jasmine by equestria prevails-d5snqdf
Gender Female
Age 18
Birthday August 08
Cutie Mark Flower with five curved white petals
Mane/Tail Colour Black
Coat Colour Grey
Eye Colour Light green
Creation Date August 08, 2012


Like Midnight Blossom, Night Watch, Florence, and Gloom Wing, Jasmine was created before the /mlp/ bat threads by Equestria-Prevails on August 8th, 2012.

Although she has very few appearances, Jasmine is usually shown as a timid and quiet bat pony whereas in the Adventures of Aux Tism she is shown to be a unkind, spiteful pony against Aux and got her mane forcefully shaved for her behavior. Jasmine is a bat pony who loves to take her time performing any task she is given.



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