Gender Male
Age 17
Cutie Mark Blank
Mane/Tail Colour Black Gradient
Coat Colour Gray
Eye Colour Light Blue
Creation Date 2017


was created in 2017, by . He is a recruit in Night Guard, but is rarely seen in his armor.  When he isn't patrolling or guarding Luna, he spends most of his time flying around in his bomber jacket. He loves flying around all day and night, and even waking up early, if his teenage instincts allow it. He is relatively new to the pony scene, but is always learning from those before him. He mostly keeps to himself, but is always down to make new friends. Even though he is shy, he always looks out for those around him, and leaves no pony behind. His military-esque instincts always keep him on his hooves, and he's always observant to keep those around him safe. During his free time, he loves playing sports and to get outside. One of his favorite fruits are mangoes, and he always slips a few in his mouth when he's off duty.  He is a new, young face in the world of bat ponies, and he's here to make a mark.



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