"Such is life in Stalliongrad."
Gender Mare
Birthday September 17
Cutie Mark Shovel and Horseshoe
Mane/Tail Colour Indigo
Coat Colour Light blueish gray
Eye Colour Orange
Creation Date 17 September 2015


Moskvin is a female bat pony originating in a story about life in Stalliongrad. Portrayed as a Soviet bat in an Ushanka, her goals in life are to work hard for the glory of the Labor Party and the Motherland. Her trademark is knocking ponies and people unconscious with her shovel and sending them to the gulag.

Moskvin is a foremare of a horseshoe factory, and always carries her state issued coal shovel with her. From her humble start as a furnace fuel shoveler she was recognized for enthusiasm and work ethic, despite her fellow bats being treated as second class citizens. Portrayed as somewhat nihilistic, Moskvin has the traits of an indoctrinated Soviet citizen who places her belief in the power of the ponies to toil endlessly toward a brighter future, even as they work through the blackest nights.

The party awarded her her Ushanka hat after her team of factory worker bats outperformed several leading earth pony factories in terms of raw output, leading to new policies of round the clock operation through bats on night shifts. As a result, underperforming ponies on the day shifts suffered extreme numbers of boating accidents within the land locked city of Stalliongrad.

Moskvin's creator is a known /k/ommando and as a result she often has a full battle kit of a Soviet soldier from the Great Patriotic War. Her coal shovel is swapped for a saperska trenching shovel, and she carries a Mosin-Nagant rifle (Moskvin's Nugget). Her rifle has no bayonet, only a clamp to mount her shovel for charging enemy combatants.



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