Moss Moon
Moss Moon
Gender Female
Birthday May 06
Cutie Mark Mortar & pestle
Mane/Tail Colour Dark green
Coat Colour Gray
Eye Colour Dull gold
Creation Date May 06, 2014


Moss Moon was created on May 6th, 2014 by Moss Moon Anon.

An herbalist specializing in the treatment of illness, injury, and other maladies. Living in a time far removed from the modern Hollow Shades, she is reviled as a pariah due to her lack of wings. Still, those in desperate need of care will seek her aid when they have nowhere else to turn.

She makes her home in the Stronghold, a fortified settlement at the furthest fringe of the Asperi dominion. There she looks after the orphans who, like her, have been forever scarred by warfare.



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