Night Dream
Gender mare
Age 18
Birthday 19 May
Cutie Mark cresent moon behind the blue pillow
Mane/Tail Colour purpule nad light purpule
Coat Colour light grey
Eye Colour amber
Creation Date


Night Dream is a very lazy bat pony, that most of her time is sleeping on every comfy place near by her. She doesn't like when somepony wakes her up, from nap, then she can get very angry, but soon calms down though. She likes to watch stars on the night sky, and sunsets. Her hometown is in Hollow Shades, but is a pleasure for her to travel into other towns like Ponyville, especially during the Nightmare Night, when she can have some free candies and sweets. Eating sweet food like cakes, candies, chocolate is her habit, She loves to eat. Night is lil'bit silly, but also very emotionally sensitive, cutie and nice to others. She also likes to stay all snuggled up in a blanket in her nest of pillows. She has got a coltfriend named Midnight Player, who is also a bat pony and live in Hollow Shades. She loves him the most in the whole world.



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