Night Watch
"I want to ravage you."
Gender Female
Age n/a
Birthday January 18
Cutie Mark Eye with blue crescent moon and stars
Mane/Tail Colour Blue, light blue stripes
Coat Colour Dark greyish-blue
Eye Colour Deep magenta
Creation Date January 18, 2013


Like Midnight Blossom, Florence, Jasmine, and Gloom Wing, Night Watch is a bat pony OC that was created before the /mlp/ bat threads. Her creator is Lulubellct. She was created on January 18th, 2013.

Night Watch is usually portrayed as brash and forward with other ponies, regardless of their gender. Though, as a guard pony, she is a good fighter.

To the foals, she's seen as a "badass/cool big sister" figure. To her friends, she's the one who ignores all things relating to personal space. To her opponents, she's a menace.



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