File:Http:// cb20140906002045/batponies/images/thumb/0/08/Nightfall sneaky by vectorvito.png/640px-Nightfall sneaky by vectorvito.png
Gender Female
Age Mid-20s
Cutie Mark Dagger and two bits
Mane/Tail Colour Blue and grey
Coat Colour Grey
Eye Colour Blue
Creation Date Unknown


Nightfall is a very accomplished and world renowned thief, having performed hundreds of heists and break-ins all across the world. She has an ego and quite a bit of self-confidence, not to mention a competitive streak, but that's not to say that it impairs her judgement. Her senses have been trained and honed to their highest, making her super aware of both herself and her surroundings. She also has a particular dislike of physical contact, claiming that it hampers these specially trained senses. She's sly and quick, yet quite strong, often making her enemies misjudge her due to her build and size. She can come off as snarky and arrogant, or quiet and shy, or boisterous and outspoken, which tends to put others off, but once her trust is earned, it's hard to lose it.

Note: She also carries an enchanted dagger that allows for her to teleport to wherever she's been or can directly see.


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