Night sleeping by vectorvito-d6pv648
Sleepy jelly green
Gender Female
Age 16-18 (3 in the Knight's Nightlight)
Birthday July 06
Cutie Mark Oil lantern with green flame
Mane/Tail Colour Green, white
Coat Colour Light grey
Eye Colour Neon green
Friends/Relatives: Rosewood (Friend/Rival)
Creation Date July 06, 2013


Nightlight is a bat pony created by Eppy for the bat threads on July 6th, 2013. In her story "Knight's Nightlight", she is a guard trainee assigned to Anon, now a veteran guardsman, by Princess Luna. The two have an affair within the guard, but it quickly becomes known, even to the Princesses.

Later on, they encounter Rosewood who is of a blood-drinking unicorn race called thirsters and capture her as a prisoner. While Rosewood appeared to be hostile at first, she explains her history and reasoning to Anon and Nightlight and they sympathize for her over time.



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