"Momma told me not to spoil the ending for you, but you look sad."
Gender Female
Age 8
Cutie Mark Sprouting Seed
Mane/Tail Colour Pale Purple
Coat Colour Purple-gray
Eye Colour Light Blue
Friends/Relatives: Speck (Adopted Mother) Heartbeat (Best Bat Filly Friends Forever)
Creation Date August 07, 2013


Sirocca was created on August 7th, 2013 by NukePone.

Sirocca is a little filly, abandoned somewhere near Ponyville during the course of NukePone's A Feeling Of series. Her mother is said to be alive and well in Hollow Shades, and her father in Canterlot, but due to their separation Speck refused to allow her to be taken back to either of them. As a result, Sirocca is adopted by Speck. Sirocca and Speck are both diurnal in AFO.

Outside of her AFO-Canon, Sirocca is still shown to be adopted by Speck, however more batponies come into play in her life. One in particular, Heartbeat, is her Best Bat Filly Friend Forever. It is unknown when the two met.

This little filly is a blood-drinker, but tries to refrain from drinking due to embarrassment. Her favorite foods consist of mango curry, banana nut muffins, and pineapple upside-down cake, just like her mother.

While typically displayed without a cutiemark, Sirocca does eventually get one by way of studying wind patterns and sending balloons off to different corners of the land. These balloons have seeds attached to them, so they may be planted in a variety of regions.



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