Soma Vector
Gender Female
Age n/a
Birthday October 23
Cutie Mark Test tube with pink swirly cloud
Mane/Tail Colour Pale Yellow
Coat Colour Grey
Eye Colour Yellow
Creation Date October 23, 2013


Soma was created on October 23rd, 2013 by Silver1Kunai. Soma is a female Bat Pony who lives in the outskirts of Cloudsdale. She lives with her mother and father in a massive tree that has somehow managed to grow large enough to extend a branch into the clouds. Her step sister, Serenity, is a very cheerful pegasus who helps Soma out through her daily struggles of growing up being the outcast because of her different species type. Soma herself is not a very good flyer and is frightened easily but quickly recovers her bearing. She is not the most social and prefers to study alone in her room in the attic. She is very deep into her studies of chemistry and has even developed a way to sustain her craving for blood throughout the day. Soma tends to be very girly but hides it from everyone due to her feeling of embarrasment about her guilty pleasure of things rather cutesy and adorable. Despite her being a bat pony, she is actually very afraid of bats and tends to even shiver at the sight of her own reflection. She tends to be very timid towards the idea of making new friends.

Soma underestimates herself very frequently and it sometimes leads to her downfall. She has a hard time trusting others but it is not impossible for her to find it within other ponies. She clings to Serenity in order to gain knowledge on how to interact with others. In the end, she is just a bat pony with a huge heart and good intentions. She just may over-think her situations a little too much sometimes and that may get the best of her.

Soma's Cutiemark

Soma's Cutie Mark

Cutie Mark OriginEdit

Soma's Cutie Mark resembles a test tube with a soft cloud swirling around the tube.  It stands for her love of chemistry and devotion to her studies towards it.

She recieved it when she entered her first Science Fair in front of Princess Twilight and Princess Candance.  Soma, being very shy as a younger filly, was not very talkative during her performance in front of two regal figures.  She was very scared and ran out crying and shivering.  Princess Twilight quickly ran after her and comforted her enough to convince Soma to continue her display.  When Soma displayed her brilliant showman ship and efforts towards her creation, Princess Twilight and Princess Candance both agreed on giving her First Place and Best Of Show at the Science Fair.  At that moment, she also had her Cutie Mark appear on stage.  Her experiment was to have a contained rainbow to cheer up her sick mother.  The contained rainbow would shoot at a light source and drench the walls in a rainbow.  When she would spin the flask holding the light beam, the colors rotated and it creates a very harmonizing illusion of imagination.



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