Hey, I see you were bored enough to somehow make your way to this random person's blog!

I hate to disappoint but you wont find much here, other than pointless ramblings and stuff about my bat pony, aswell as some headcanons and stuff. Really you could find anything here on, a website with its own stuff for discussing our bat-winged equines. 

Since you've come this far, I take it you either want to hear what I have to say or are very bored. I guess I could humour you. My bat pony headcanon goes a little something like this... 

It was a very long time ago, and the two sisters had risen to power in Equestria after defeating Discord. At some point later, the royal guard was formed, to guard the sisters and keep peace in equestria. However, being as ponies were naturally diurnal, the lunar faction of this royal guard was incredibly small. This is when Princess Luna crafted a spell (No not like flutterbat if you were thinking, eww.) that would alter the very essence of a pony's being, essentially creating the first bat ponies. Years passed, and they grew in numbers... until the battle of the two sisters that resulted in Luna's banishment. It was then, out of fear of rebellion/revolt/uprising, Princess Celestia cast them out due to their devout loyalty to Luna. The bat ponies fled to the deep caves and forests of Equestria, creating villages such as the Hollow Shades. Over the years of their isolation, they became their own species, rather than just mere transformations of other kinds. They developed their own culture, ideology and traditions, which generally revolved around their kind as a whole and the moon. A thousand years passed, and Luna returned from her banishment, and eventually saught out the bat ponies. After Luna's return, many bat ponies left their homes in their villages and joined with modern Equestria, often joining the Lunar Guard and other services related to the night, though a majority of bat ponies remained in their villages, preferring not to leave estabolished traditions behind.

I'm still working out the fine points but that's the basic summary of it. ~Halfmoon

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